Prospect Hill Galahad with Prospect Hill Baja Yuna

Embyos Available (this pairing is included in our Spring embryo sale)

Sire - Prospect Hill Galahad 16G
Registration (Canadian) M482075

Prospect Hill Galahad 16G has some fantastic genetics behind him far to numerous to mention here, but take time to review his extended pedigree. He is a very long bull with lots of depth, thickness, and is easy fleshing all coupled with breed character. He is powerful but not extreme with a nice head four strong legs and excellent locomotion. He is a credit to the breeding strategy of Les and Shelly at Prospect Hill Shorthorns.

Dam - Prospect Hill Baja Yuna
Registration (Canadian) F688722

Prospect Hill Baja Yuna 4Y is sired by Prospect Hill Wakefield 5W, who has great proven genetics from long established Shorthorn herds in Canada including Eionmor, Butterflied and Paintearth to name just three. On her dams side she is almost complete Prospect Hill home breeding with just a touch of Paintearth in the 3rd and 4th generations, and the odd touch of Frimley in her pedigree. Baja Yuna is a long deep cow with a tremendous top line, very easy fleshing and has a very good udder for her age.

Breeding Notes

This breeding of Prospect Hill Galahad to Prospect Hill Baja Yuna is something that excites me a great deal. I intend to use some of these genetics and hopefully produce myself a future herd sire, and I bet I only breed heifers!

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