Muridale Thermal Energy with Muridale Roan Ida

Embyos Available (this pairing is included in our Spring embryo sale)

Sire - Muridale Thermal Energy 15A
Registration (Canadian) M477341

The sire of these embryos Muridale Thermal Energy 15A was sold by Muridale Shorthorns in 2015 to the Bowman and Gerfen families in the US for $28000. He is the sire of BSG Profitwise1767, Sprys Boom Time M222, Sprys Extra Special N61 and Sprys Unlimited P146, all four bulls sold to an average of over $40,000 each. He is Homozygous Polled, has zero Myostatin and is ranked No1 on the Australian all purpose index. His mother Muridale Goose 32R is roan and is from one of the strongest families at Muridale. The photo of Thermal Energy really says everything. What more could you want for a herd sire? Photo taken at 4 years old.

Dam - Muridale Roan Ida 6Z
Registration (Canadian) F690094

Muridale Roan Ida 6Z was sired by the renowned bull Muridale Buster 14K. He certainly put his stamp onto his daughters. Ida 6Z has length, depth and great volume. She is feminine and has a great udder considering her age. Like all Muridale cows she also has four good legs and very good locomotion. This female line has great overall strength and femininity having been retained at Muridale going back over generations to the Muridale Iriis’s and then onto the Muridale Rose’s stetching on and on.

Breeding Notes

This breeding of Thermal Energy to Roan Ida is something that we are always looking for in our selections for embryo sires and donor cows. It is the perfect blend of structure, style and character.

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