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Secret Family

Woodstock Bower Farm presents our Secret Family of Beef Shorthorns. Our aim is to breed quality bulls and heifers suitable to carry the breed forward onto the next generation. Wenmar Beef Shorthorns are members of PCHS, and all our cattle carry a very high health status. We are fully accredited free of IBR, BVD and Lepto. We are also Johnes level 1 accredited.

Photo taken October 2018. Wenmar Secret M171 is a super solid calf from this very milky female line, her mother E013 is a truly honest great cow.

Beast Details

Photo taken October 2018. Wenmar Secret M182 is more proof if you need it of the strength of this female line, what a strong shapey calf from a heifer. The Secrets are such a milky quiet family.

Beast Details