Photo taken September 2019. Major is certainly one of the best ET bulls we have ever been lucky enough to breed. He will be a super outcross sire with proven beef bloodlines in both Canada, Australia and north America. Both his sire Crooked Post Stockman and dam Waukaru Melita Rose have proved thier ability to perform worldwide. We used Major selectively as a yearling during 2019. He has run with all of our cows this year and has proved himself to be a working bull who is a very quiet well mannered. We are retaining his full ET sister here at the farm, Wenmar Melita Rose M164, along with two heifer calves from this year, and hopefully more from next year.

Date of Birth: 03/01/18
ID Number: UK313408 200163
HB Number: 643849582

Sires Name: Crooked Post Stockman 4Z
Sires HB Number: CAN M476682

Dams Name: Waukaru 12H Melita Rose 5021
Dams HB Number: CAN - 20970

Additional Photos:

Wenmar Major :: Photo taken of Wenmar Major in September 2019

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