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Promise Family

Wenmar Beef Shorthorns presents our Promise Family of beef shorthorn cattle. Our aim is to breed quality bulls and heifers suitable to carry the breed forward onto the next generation. Wenmar Beef Shorthorns are members of PCHS, and all our cattle carry a very high health status. We are fully accredited for IBR and BVD, plus Johnes Level 1 and Neospara Level 1.

Photo taken September 2022. Promise S896 is an ET heifer sired by the great bull Circle M Ghost Rider 10G, who lived on to the ripe old age of 17years. I have my doubts if he was still working then though! Promise S896's mother is from the Glenford herd in Saskachewan Canada. If you ever get a chance to visit them they have one of the most consistent type herd of Shorthorns that I have seen in Canada. S896 we hope will be the start a new female line for us here at Wenmar.

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