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Podehole Beefeater with Aylward Rothes Queen

Embryos from this breeding pair are currently available

Sire - Podehole Beefeater
Registration (UK) HB553801946

Podehole Beefeater was purchased in partnership with the late and great Jack Ramsey of Milerston at the spring Stirling Bull sales in 2010. His dam was bred at Wenmar when we were based on the Isle of Man. The Madeline female line has proved to be very successful for the Horrell's at Podehole during the development of their renowned herd. Beefeater's sire Trojan of Craigeassie was breed and interbreed champion at the Royal Highland, Great Yorkshire and East of England shows in 2011. We used and are still using Beefeater's genetics to develop our herd, most recently using him on the great Red Nan female line from Waukaru in the US, we have a lovely heifer coming through the heifers. Beefeater’s sons have proved to be excellent herd builders, following in their father and grandfathers footsteps. His daughters are very feminine and exceptional mothers, carrying on the Madeline traditions.

Dam - Aylward Rothes Queen 39th
Registration (UK) HB553802013

Rothes Queen 39th was our herd matriarch, we collected embryos from her for future herd development and insurance. All of her female calves were retained in our herd prior to our herd reduction in 2018. Her 2014 bull calf (Wenmar Hanley) by Podehole Beefeater was one of our best bull calves we bred that year. He would be still with us now if we did not have so many siblings and cousins in the herd at that time. Beef Shorthorn female assessment score of 90, level excellent.

Breeding Notes

This breeding was focussed as being an insurance for us in the event of us loosing Beefeater’s genetics from our herd, we believe that is now very unlikely as his genetics are throughout our herd. Only a select few embryos are available to be offered for sale from this very rare breeding.

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