Zblda Family

Wenmar Beef Shorthorns presents our Zblda Family of beef shorthorn cattle. Our aim is to breed quality bulls and heifers suitable to carry the breed forward onto the next generation. Wenmar Beef Shorthorns are members of PCHS, and all our cattle carry a very high health status. We are fully accredited free of IBR, BVD and Lepto. We are also Johnes level 1 accredited.

Photo taken October 2019. Zblda G048 is the best female by far that her mother has produced for us. The breeding of her mother to Beefeater has certainly added size and depth to this tremendous milky female line; she has been classified excellent EX91. G048 continues to produce us bull calves year after year. What would I give for a heifer calf, any colour will do! It is interesting how some lines lean to producing males while others produce females. I would hate to lose this strong female line but she has a few years in front of her yet.

Myostatin status ZERO

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