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Elite Rotary Spreaders

The Elite Ground Products rotary spreader is designed to be towed by any type of vehicle which has its own drive and a towing point. Nothing else is required. All models of the Elite Rotary Spreader barrels are powered from the ground via two land driven wheels.

The spreader is land driven and has no complicated arrangements of chains, sprockets and gearboxes.

How It Works

A single easy hook-up attachment to the towing vehicle. No need for PTOs and hydraulic or electrical couplings.


The towing vehicle can be anything from a ride on garden lawn mower for the lighter spreader models up to a small agricultural tractor for the larger spreaders.

Spreader Towing

Manufactured in the UK to the highest of standards. Stainless steel construction with a patented design.



Stockist and distributors are required to offer our spreaders for sale throughout the whole of the UK, Ireland and Europe. Contact us to discuss distributor benefits.

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Patent Protected

Simple in design principle, our patented design is one that works. It allows for convenient everyday spreading whilst minimising damage to paddocks and fields.


Stainless Steel

The barrel is constructed solely from Stainless Steel materials. The choice of materical offers additional strength to the overall construction.


The Unique Design

Simple in design, our patented spreader is one that works.

  • Enables simple easy manoeuvrability around the yard for direct loading from stables or pens.

  • Eliminates the requirement to stockpile manure around the yard. Load and go taking the flies with you!

  • Shredded material is evenly discharged. No more large clumps scattered around taking time to break down.
Spreader Benefits