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Circle M Ghost Rider with SBF Scottys Maid

Embryos Available

Sire - Circle M Ghost Rider 10G - Registration (Canadian) M466375

Circle M Ghost Rider 10G is a large framed powerful herd sire. He was used naturally in the Norvyk, Diamond and Six S herds in Alberta, as well as by AI by Rinkoff AG Enterprises in the USA. Weighing 2750 lbs as a mature bull, Ghost Rider was a long well muscled bull. His daughters were exceptional females and included Norvyk Jodean Dottie 6J, Diamond Baroness 31L and Diamond Anna Y2K. His full sibling sisters Circle M Candy's Floss 5F, Circle M Candy's Kit Kat 9K and Circle M Candy's Nugget 8N were outstanding influential producers, as were his paternal sisters by Diamond Captain Mark 27C. A proven herd sire, his daughters are noted for outstanding udders. Dan Stevenson of Diamond Shorthorns comments that they have never had a bull that can fix an udder on a cow like he did.

Dam - SBF Scotty’s Maid 48Z - Registration (Canadian) 21212

Scotty’s Maid was purchased by us at Shadybrook’s bi-annual sale in 2016. She was the standout cow at their sale that year. She blends the best of Australian and Canadian genetics in a powerful female and produces very good impressive growth, maternal and carcass EPD’s

Breeding Notes

With this breeding we have decided to merge the power of some strong proven Canadian genetics from Ghost Rider, with some Australian genetics through Scotty’s Maid.

Purchasing Options

We tailor the cost of our genetic packages to suit your specific requirement. Each breeding package will start off with a base cost for an embryo. You are then able to select how far you would like us to support you through the project.