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Photo taken September 2019. Jilt K119 is another tremendous addition to this very strong female line. She looks every bit as strong as her mother at her age, who we lost in the spring of 2018. Jilt K119 has reared us a lovelly roan bull calf and we only wish that we had the space to run him on as a bull. Fingers crossed next year for a heifer from her!

Date of Birth: 29/01/16
ID Number: UK313408 700119
HB Number: HB 633800156
Beef Shorthorn Classification: VG85 (Very Good)

Sires Name: Wenmar Harden
Sires HB Number: HB 613800243

Dams Name: Wenmar Jilt G047
Dams HB Number: HB 603800237

Additional Photos:

Wenmar Jilt :: Photo taken of Wenmar Jilt K119 in early September 2019 Wenmar Jilt :: Photo taken of Wenmar Jilt K119 in September 2016

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